Reiki 1: Shoden
Online Certification

A gentle healing art and spiritual practice used in hospital settings around to world to support healing and relaxation.

Learn how to use Universal Life Force energy for self-care and self-healing now!


“Shoden” means “beginning teachings”. This course explores the foundations of Reiki as an energy, a daily spiritual practice for self-development, and a therapeutic system for healing yourself.



Comprising of five major elements, each receives considerable focus throughout the training series:

  1. The Five Reiki Precepts as the spiritual medicine for all disease
  2. Traditional Meditation and Breath Work
  3. Techniques: Hands-On Healing Practice for working on Self (level 1) and Others (level 2)
  4. Symbols and Mantras (presented in levels 2 & 3 of training)
  5. The 4 traditional Reiju (Spiritual attunement/blessing to clear meridians)

Build a foundation of understanding and connecting to our own energy as well as the greater Universal energy around us!

We begin by healing ourselves and practicing self-care. Healer heal thyself.


Live, Interactive, Virtual Classes

Learn a simple step-by-step system created over a century ago for deep healing and self-improvement. Live, online, and in real-time, so you can connect from anywhere around the world. No prior experience is required.

Meditation 101

This course provides the foundations of meditation, allowing it to be incorporated into daily life. No experience is necessary and frustrated meditators are welcome!

Digital Reiki Manual

A Reiki 1: Shoden level course manual - filled with 95+ pages of valuable information. Download and review at your own pace.

Certificate of Completion

Printed, dated, and signed certificate of completion will be mailed to your home for free in the contiguous US. If you choose to offer Reiki professionally, this valuable document proves you completed our official Reiki training.

Private Reiki Facebook Group Membership

Become part of the Magical Souls Reiki community for life - a source of support, healing, guidance, and continuing education. Ask questions, receive practical tips, and enjoy ongoing support from Reiki practitioners of all levels.

Lifetime Access to Class Recordings

Get lifetime access to our membership portal. Here you can watch class recordings when you’d like to go back and re-watch certain sections and feel supported in the process of developing your practice.

Post-class Professional Reiki Support

Got questions? Need additional support? Unlimited text and email support after the class with your Reiki Master / Teacher allows you to feel confident in your Reiki skills!

Unique Approach to Learning

Rather than one or two full days of learning, this course has 4 live classes over one month's time. Gentle acclimation to the Universal Life Force energy allows you to create a practice that will last a lifetime!

What We'll Learn

This training provides a comprehensive understanding of the essence of the Usui Reiki system effectively weaving lectures, exercises, group discussion, and hands-on practice into a magical experience you won’t soon forget. We will learn:

  • The history of Reiki and teachings of Usui Mikao

  • Breathwork and meditation exercises

  • Techniques to connect with your energy

  • Methods of Self-healing and self-development

  • How to integrate Reiki into everyday moments

  • Self-Empowerment

  • Healing All Aspects of The Self – Mind-Body-Spirit

Your Instructor - Meghan K. Mitchell


After years of studying various religions and philosophies, Meghan found Reiki as a way to heal from a traumatic experience in her life that took place at about the age of 22. She’d been stalked and developed mental health and major physical issues which affected her daily life. Reiki allowed her to take charge of not only her healing but her life as a whole. When she found the connection between energy healing and empowerment, she decided this was the path for her. She became a Reiki Practitioner during a time when Reiki was not well understood as a healing modality.

In an attempt to legitimize her Reiki healing, she went to school for Massage Therapy (after years of studying Business, Marketing, and Computer Information Systems) to get that oh-so-important license she believed people would find value in (no one has ever asked to even see it though it is always displayed in her office). Then Meghan went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in Counseling and Public Health, falling in love with education, energy, and the topic of self-healing and empowerment.

She has taught over 100 students ages 6 to 92 over the last fifteen-plus years she has been a Reiki Master Teacher. Her unique approach to the course (mirroring Usui's own original teachings) allows students to build a true foundation in energy healing. They learn to connect with the energy and build it over multiple module sessions rather than one day or weekend.

Meghan’s philosophy is that with the assistance of a practitioner, people have the innate ability to heal themselves.  She loves guiding people to learn this for themselves and then they will eventually, perhaps help other people, or themselves, in a similar manner.

How We'll Learn

As Reiki is energy, it does not require us to be in person to learn and connect to Universal Life Force. This allows students to learn from the comfort of their own homes if they so choose, anywhere in the world.

Our 4 session course is held live via Zoom spanning a month's time. This gives students time to acclimate to what they are learning, develop a new habit of self-healing and meditation, and incorporate all of this into their daily lives.

Lessons are available through our class portal and live classes will be held each week. The live classes will be recorded, however, breakout sessions will not, thus attendance is important though you can watch in your own time.



This class has already sold out. If you are interested, we run this course three times a year. Our next session will be in Spring. Please sign up for our waitlist for details!

What students have shared...


“Thank you so much, Meghan! My life has changed so much since you introduced me to Reiki. I’m grateful for the knowledge and healing that has occurred. Thank you for being part of my journey and my Reiki Master/Teacher.”

~ Susan P

"If you're interested in learning Reiki level 1 (self-healing), I highly recommend taking a class with Meghan Mitchell! You have inspired me to grow and make major shifts in my life that I didn't think were possible! Your natural ability to spiritual counsel has given me perspective, and a comforting nudge in the right direction on my path, time and time again. I finally feel ready to take on any challenges that come my way, with integrity and authenticity."

~Love and reiki blessings, Eliza M.

"Empowered and excited to have completed Level 1 of Reiki training. Thank you so much, Meghan, for a wonderful training!! I'm still in awe of how powerful this practice can be!"

~Debbie K.

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