Meghan K. Mitchell

Soulutions Coach™

You may have met me in one of my former incarnations…

Sounds a little woo-woo but I’m really just woo not full woo-woo. What I mean is that you may have met me in Bible camp, at the playground or at school, college, a party or club (very likely), a coffee shop, a workshop, a certification program, or online or I might have sold you something like ice cream, clothes, accessories, mobile shredding services or essential oils. I could have designed and managed your website or officiated your wedding. I could have interviewed you for a newspaper article (back when they were a tangible item). You may have met me pre-stalking (scary time) or post-divorce (thrilling time). If we didn’t meet face to face, you probably met someone like me, a MOMOW. More on this below.

For many years I struggled with the duality of my life - the external facing side which wanted desperately to fit in, made herself small to do so, wanted to know everyone and just be accepted. This is the side most people think they know, the extrovert, the social butterfly. This contrasted with the internal analytical introspective intuitive side that wanted to play with her crystals, pull a card, look to the stars, dance with some fireflies (aka fairies) and inhale all the positive energy that I could surround myself with. I wanted in but I kept myself out. Really I did more of a dip my foot in and out repeatedly. I guess you could say I did a lot of the hokey-pokey but not in the naughty way some might think.


Any of this sound familiar?

I grew up the child of divorced parents during a time when this was not really a “thing”. An only child with step siblings but none who lived with me on a daily basis, alone more often than not, some may recognize the phrase “latchkey kid”. 

Finding my place in the world led me to reckless behaviors - smoking at a very young age (I didn’t even understand how to or even like it) only until I was caught; drinking even after I was caught; contemplating suicide at the age of 10 (it was a very rough time period); partying till the early morning hours and sleeping in then repeat; screwing up in school so I wouldn't stand out and numerous others I’m sure you can imagine. Some of these things I did to fit in, others because I simply felt unworthy ... of everything.

Avoidance and Day Dreaming

Partying and drinking only did so much to numb my pain and help me avoid life as I knew it. More often than not these behaviors bit me in the ass, hard. My mother can attest to that! All in an effort to feel that short-lived dopamine rush, the thrill. It didn’t last, never did. I didn't need to do drugs when I was already getting this temporary fix. Ah, but daydreaming, that provided so much entertainment! Nothing seemed to fill that gap, that missing piece within me. I dreamed of making a better life for myself, but soon quickly allowed myself to be sucked back into my familiar self-sabotaging ways.


How'd I get from there to here?

It wasn’t the awesome friends I had or supportive family members. It wasn’t the alcohol poisoning, near-death experience, or the stalking that did it for me. 

It happened one night during my first marriage. I had developed a headache unlike any I’d had before and I’d had hormonal headaches requiring narcotic level pain relief! This was a headache that would not allow movement or light or sound. Blinking hurt. At the time, I worked from home and took care of my toddlers while their father worked at a factory, there was no “down-time”.

I spent the night on the couch after the kids went to bed. I reached out to one of my mentors who reminded me of the tool I had learned called meditation (something my mother taught me at the age of 3). I crawled to the wall and propped myself against it. A candle was lit as the soft light was soothing. I watched the flame dance, shrinking and expanding, and became one with it. I don’t know how much time went by but I felt something tickling my face. Reaching up, I realized what I felt were tears. I’d been crying and didn’t even notice.

I blew out the candle with a word of thanks and crawled back to the couch. As sunlight greeted me in the morning, I bolted upright. My headache was gone and the clarity that came with that was that I wanted a divorce. From then on, there were other challenges but I spent the next few years meditating, seeking therapy to heal from my divorce and earlier traumas, and coming to grips with having PTSD and adult ADHD (a twofer diagnosis). 

Enter self-help gurus, books and courses...

Coming out of the trauma fog, which was what PTSD can do to you, I began seeking answers for ways to continue healing. Why? Because I was like an onion, when I peeled back one layer, I found more that needed attention. I took certifications because the training seemed to address some issues that I was struggling with. At one point I realized I could not only make money with these certifications but more importantly, help other people transform their lives with the tools I’d discovered.

Reiki became the first of many steps for me as I explored various healing modalities: mindfulness and meditation, chakras, crystals, hypnosis, Akashic Records, nutrition, lots of coach training, and more. With each new modality, my healing expanded, and my soul became elevated!

Through all of this (and the help of mentors and therapists because there is great value in therapy!) I unearthed trauma that had rooted itself within me. With great compassion, I practiced (and still do) forgiving myself and the people in my life.

Instead of avoiding life and being defensive, a light turned back on inside me. I learned how to be open to possibilities and see things with a beginner's mind.

Are you ready to open to possibilities in your life?

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Disclaimer ahead

Soul coaching and healing require deep work. It entails opening up, being willing to be vulnerable aka brave, facing your fears, and uncovering a healthy and safe path forward so that you can live in alignment with your dreams and live the life you deserve! The true disclaimer – results are long-lasting and changes you initiate through this work will become part of your everyday life! If you are ready to remember what your soul already knows, click the "learn more" button above!

Additional Discoveries?

When I sat back and looked over my entire life, because when you're a Virgo this is what you do, I realized it was always my higher power leading me. Now some may refer to this as God, Source, the Divine, you get to choose. For me, it is and always has been my soul and my connection to God.

Note that I said, for me. It may have been something different for other people or may be for you something else. The beauty of what I learned is that anyone can form a connection with their soul regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs. It is their inner guidance system. It exists within all of us whether we turn it on or let dust collect on it.


Ah, now we get to MOMOs. You might have missed this reference. It's ok. Sometimes MOMOs are missed. When creating a customer avatar, which is extremely important for business owners to learn in order to know their audience. It helps to know who you're even talking to when you write copy or say a blog or a social media post. I discovered my ideal customer is a MOMO. Really, the person I am appealing to is someone like me.

So what are MOMOs?

MOMO stands for Misfit, Oddball, Maverick, and/or Outcast. Another way to look at a MOMO is Magical, Original, Mystifying, and/or Otherworldly! There are so many ways to look at this. The point is that these are the people who have been sidelined, seen as “other”, compartmentalized, disenfranchised, unseen, or ignored. MOMOs are also non-conformists, rebels, change makers, and so on. These could be wallflowers, perhaps not picked for teams in gym class, bullied, disregarded, and underestimated. They’ve made themselves small only to realize this is not the truth of their stature.

MOMOs have been looking for answers to questions that continually go unanswered because they are looking outside themselves. They are free-spirits who want to know others who are like them. Someone who dances to the beat of their own drum. These are people who have walked through fires, been burned, live through pain, and are craving healing.

Now they are coming to understand the very fact that they live and breathe makes them special. Who is a MOMO? Anyone who has ever felt this way and wants to embrace their authentic self while tapping into their innate power.

Are you a MOMO like me? I'd love to hear from you!

Formal Bio

After years of studying various religions and philosophy, Meghan found Reiki as a way to heal from a traumatic experience in her life which took place about the age of 22. She’d been stalked and developed mental health and major physical issues which affected her daily life. Reiki allowed her to take charge of not only her healing but her life as a whole. When she found the connection of energy healing and empowerment, she decided this was the path for her. She became a Reiki Practitioner during a time when Reiki was not well understood as a healing modality.

In an attempt to legitimize her Reiki healing, she went to school for Massage Therapy (after years of back and forth with Business and Computer studies as well as Religion/Philosophy) to get that, oh so important license people would find value in (no one has ever asked to even see it though it is always displayed in her office). Then Meghan went on to receive a bachelor's degree in Counseling and Public Health, falling in love with education, energy, and the topic of self-healing.

Meghan pushed herself to become a more well-rounded holistic health practitioner by studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. It is here that her pursuit of personal health and wellness has certified her to coach and educate others to aspire for the same using healthy lifestyle changes and balanced energy as the foundation.

She finished a dual master's degree in Divinity Degree and in Metaphysical Studies in 2014 and continues her studies toward her Ph.D.

Realizing the value of hypnosis as an energetic healing tool, she added certified consulting hypnotist to her repertoire. She’s always enjoyed being able to provide relaxation through meditation, focus through mindfulness, and health through de-stressing. Hypnosis is a fast, effective method to assist her clients in their holistic goals.

With a love of crystals from a very young age, she also became a certified crystal healer through the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy.

She is a mother of three beautiful, intelligent adult children who inspire her to be a better parent and person. Her husband is extremely supportive of her holistic passions and even practices some of what she shares with him.

Meghan’s philosophy is that people have the innate ability to heal themselves. With the aid of a practitioner, that healing can be magnified. Her diverse background allows her to provide clients with wide-ranging resources. With compassion, vibrant spirituality, and a nurturing approach, her clients truly flourish. Her practical, solution-driven (or SOULution-driven) sensibilities, deeply intuitive insights, and healing modalities combine to support clients to embrace their dreams and bring them to life.



I just wanted to send over a thank you to Meghan for our last session. You have inspired me to grow and make major shifts in my life that I didn't think were possible! Your natural ability to spiritual counsel has given me perspective, and a comforting nudge in the right direction on my path, time and time again. I finally feel ready to take on any challenges that come my way, with integrity and authenticity. 

~ E.M., CT

I truly LOVE my sessions with Meghan! Her ability to get to the heart of an issue, challenge, or block is impressive. She empowers me to accomplish the goals I want to achieve. She is incredibly intuitive and one of the most supportive people I've met. I ALWAYS finish my sessions with her feeling confident and with renewed focus. 

~ G.S., MD

My coaching sessions with Meghan created real change in my life. The results are amazing! Meghan’s guidance and perceptive questions have been exactly what I need to create focus and clarity, allowing me to define what my goals and intentions are, understand how to set them, and confidently move towards them. Working with Meghan has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself and I recommend working with her completely. 

~ K.W., NY