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Rediscover who you are ...

heart and soul.


Have you been to therapy and other coaches? Are they cookie-cutter? Was the program a one-size-fits-all? Did it not feel right to you? This unique approach guides you to the SOULution you’ve been searching for.

Soulutions Coaching is a unique holistic approach to coaching using what your soul already knows to guide you. With metaphysical and down-to-earth techniques, we review what you want to work on and collaboratively determine the best plan of action! This is soulutions focused and results-oriented. Getting to the root cause of whatever is challenging you and then guiding you to uncover soulutions allows you to live your soul purpose. Then walking with you as you take each step on this journey!

Oracle and Tarot Readings via Zoom

Are you looking for deeper insight into yourself and your life? Are tired of feeling stuck, unsure of what to do next? Do you feel like there is so much more that you could be doing, but don't know how to get there?

Tarot or Oracle is a powerful tool for guidance, understanding, and helping one to cope with challenges they are facing currently in their lives. Exploring tarot can help provide confirmation on some things you may already have an intuitive sense about. Each reading is unique. Each card is chock full of symbolism that can relate to different aspects of your life - spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical.

Both tarot and oracle cards are based on the energy as of right “now” and the answers you receive are never set in stone and may change (enter "free will"). If you get an answer you are not particularly happy with, we can always read into why you got the answer you did, and we can figure out how you can change it to where you are happy.

NOTE: There are no bad cards in any tarot or oracle deck. Some fear seeing the death or devil card. They each have different meanings depending on the question, the cards surrounding, and the energy of the moment. When we change our perception of the image on the card, sometimes the result or answer is transformational.


We hold all sorts of issues in our tissues. Are you feeling sluggish? Maybe slightly "off"? Not quite yourself?

If you've been noticing anything that doesn't quite feel "right" for you, this is the session that can help! With a Full Spectrum Energetic Alignment, we can get to the heart of whatever might be clogging your system. Utilizing Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Aligning and Oracle cards, together, we'll clear obstacles and free your energy flow!

Chakras regulate energy flow through the energy body, into and through the physical body and back out to the universe. Chakra balancing and cleansing restores harmony and helps us to better navigate day-to-day life. Set your appointment, kick back and relax! Your chakras will be assessed, cleared and infused with reiki/healing energy and crystal vibrations, clients are then provided a customized detailed analysis report by email to continue healing work at home!


Not sure? Schedule a Soulutions Discovery session!

In our 20 minute Soulutions Discovery session,